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Phil Elverum and making things happen…

I realized that everything was made by someone in an office somewhere with a phone. Phil Elverum is by far one of my favorite artists, both musical and otherwise, in many ways I think of his art as an extension of his life. Anyone familiar with even a few of his records will know about [...]

5 x 7

5×7 is a new publishing company from Alex Fuller, of the Post Family, and Gabe Usadel. I am big fan of their book The Incredible Journey That Is Consciousness. 5×7 also marries 2 endeavors I am happy to see in the world, high quality printed material, and self-supported art making. I look forward to their [...] Newspaper

One way to preserve the role of print in our lives and communication tools is to develop interesting ways to use print outside the journalism/advertising axis. This Newspaper is an experiment using open data provided by the British government, the idea being when you moved to a new neighborhood you would receive an issue [...]

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