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Artwork | immaterial labour

More flickr collages.

I have been diligently working on my small flickr collaging application. I have been experimenting with masks and like the effect of these triangle shaped masks. I hope to have the kinks worked out by next week and get the tool live online.

Continuing on…

The majority of visual artwork and experiments I have been making over the last year deal with a set of controlled random parameters and image collages. The images below are early output tests from a small application I am working on that pulls images from flickr based upon a tag search. I hope to have a working version of the application up soon.

searched: face,close up, black and white.

searched: eyeball, close up.


A screenshot from a small project I am working on, more to come…

Tape Drawings

Breathless by Jennie C Jones

Postcards From Gowanus

Starting today I am displaying some work in a group show called Postcards From Gowanus at the Cabinet Gallery in Brooklyn.  My pieces, as seen below, grew out of a one day workshop taking pictures on mobile devices around the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. I then wrote a small Processing script that created the collaged images. I will eventually create a project page for this work with installation views, more detailed process description, the .pde file, etc.

From the show description:

Bricks and Paint and Water and Metal aims to embrace the way in which we experience heavily abandoned industrial neighborhoods by documenting their aesthetics. Often times the most intriguing aspects of these neighborhoods can be the small details inherent to this type of urbanity. Mobile devices were used as the tool of documentation to reflect the transitory way that many of us experience these neighborhoods. The resulting media has then been re-imagined via various computer programs to create both visual “postcards” of Gowanus.

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