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Thinking vs. Debating vs. Communicating | immaterial labour

Thinking vs. Debating vs. Communicating

Our methods of digesting debates have not caught up to our media system and our technological reality.

That sentence sums up for me a post and idea by C.W. Anderson about how everyone seems to think someone said “Twitter Starts Revolutions”. This has obviously been a media theme dating back to the protests in Iran, if not earlier. I highly reccomend reading his whole piece, especially if you have a knack for meta-media studies.

The quote above drives at something deeper for me and I must say I had an “A-ha! That’s the explanation!” moment when I read it. No one could argue our systems of consuming and creating media have changed, except perhaps what is still considered the Mainstream Media. These institutions, Cable News, Major Newspapers, seem to still report news in an old fashioned way, not taking into account how WE have changed/our communication has changed. They will use tweets as sources about uprisings but not take the time to investigate what that could mean, and how debate has shifted.

It’s all very complicated. Maybe more later …


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