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Phil Elverum and making things happen… | immaterial labour

Phil Elverum and making things happen…

I realized that everything was made by someone in an office somewhere with a phone.

phil elverum printing

Phil Elverum is by far one of my favorite artists, both musical and otherwise, in many ways I think of his art as an extension of his life. Anyone familiar with even a few of his records will know about his creation of worlds, universes, and narratives. He also seems to live his life in a way that weaves in and out of the worlds of his songs. All that aside he strikes me as an incredibly honest and prolific craftsman. Whether it be releasing records, books, or prints he does it himself and in his own way. Thus it is with great pleasure that I read this post from Bangback about his process and studio.

Elverum talks about how he got to where he is today with his studio and artistic output, a good deal of it stems from the quote at the beginning of this post. Figure out what you want to do, then find the means or people to help you make it. Incredibly simple but sometimes incredibly difficult to remember or actualize. He also touches on the ideas of going it on your own in this interview in The Believer, where he describes a DIY revelation upon seeing Ian MacKaye booking a Fugazi tour using a rotary phone and a notepad. Both pieces are worth a read.


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